Microsoft & Intel Face New Set of Challenges in Shifting to Cloud

Microsoft has witnessed good long term growth in portions of its cloud business, a mix of software and services that cater to the corporations in moving computing functions to remote data centres run by the external providers.

Although the revenue for cloud services business Azure doubled in the previous quarter, the company said that the intelligent cloud department, which includes it saw a revenue growth of just three percent during the period. The operational profits for the division also came down by fourteen percent.

The world’s popular chipmaker, Intel also has an unclear path when it comes to the growth of its cloud operations; this has made the investors sceptical about the future. The share price of the company has dropped down by one percent in the last one year, while Microsoft’s stock increased by thirty percent.

The market capitalisation of Microsoft is approximately around $440 billion, which is close to 3 times that of Intel’s $151 billion. Those computers that run Windows on Intel chips ruled the personal computing age. This is slowly coming to an end as more people are turning to mobile phones for their computing needs and corporations do not prefer desktops these days. Both the companies are run by relatively new CEOs Satya Nadella and Brian Krzanich, and both of them are trying to establish their companies on the cloud.

According to the research firm Gartner, many clients spend a large part of their technology budget on software. The customer base of Intel for data centric chips is consolidating into some big names like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

When enquired about the current situation, an internal source from Intel said that the cloud vendors are pretty harsh when it comes to price negotiations and that they are more powerful than Intel. In the last quarter alone, the average prices of data centre chips dropped by three percent; however, Intel stated that the cheaper chips were attaining ground the fastest.

Intel could suffer a big blow since the big data centre builders like Facebook are designing their own data centre hardware. Intel has so far managed to stay safe; however, one day the customers can extend their cost cutting to chips. During a call last week along with the analysts, Krzanich said that Intel’s top-to-bottom understanding of the cloud-based data centre is needed and also a close watch on the competitors can help Intel stay ahead.

Facebook Application Development Service

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How to Make Personalized Ringtones for Your iPhone?

Today, Apple iPhone has become a crazy choice as a smartphone for the youth. It is loaded with a lot of new features that cannot be seen on other smartphones. It has been designed with the latest technologies, but every user wishes to personalize his smartphone according to his tastes. Like all other smartphones, a ringtone is used for an incoming call in iPhone, but unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow the sound files to be used as ringtones, as the Android phones do.

Making ringtones for an iPhone is very tedious for new users. But, if you have knowledge of how to do it then it will be very easy for them. Ringtones are used by people to give a personal touch to their mobiles.

They reflect the personality of the iPhone users, and Apple store provides a lot of paid ringtones to users. However, there are more ringtones available free of cost too.  However, making a new ringtone, converting songs to ringtones and editing the available ringtones are the best substitutes to paid ring tones.

Ring Tone Converters

By using a ringtone converter, one can create a ringtone for Apple iPhones, which is possibly the best way of getting the job done. It allows users to convert music files to iPhone ringtones. Usually, iPhone ring tone converters support different formats. The user doesn’t need to have good technical skills to use a ringtone converter. All that a person needs to do is to use the options properly.

Options in Ringtone Converters

The options available in the converter include selecting the music file, searching the file, and converting and transferring the music file to iPhone. Advanced versions of ring tone converters have options to add some cool effects to the music files. An end-user can make use of advanced options for creating exceptional ringtones.

Adding beats, fade-out, and fade-in are the other options available in some ringtone converters. You don’t have to pay for making ringtones with ringtone converters. Most of the ringtone converters are free.

Sound Composers

The next best way to make ringtones in iPhone is by using sound composer. It allows the user to make unique sounds that can be used as ringtones in an iPhone.

Users can find a number of sound composers for free on the Internet. The user has to install the sound composer in his iPhone and then use his creativity to make cool ringtones. It has lot of options to add amazing sound effects to the ringtones.

Apart from editing ringtones and making new ringtones, the user can find a number of ready-made ringtones online as well. There are many websites that offer amazing ringtones for iPhone.

Some websites provide free ringtones, while some charge a small fee. Users can download these ringtones. After downloading the files, users need to transfer the files to the iPhone to use them as ringtones. Users can also edit ringtones online. In this case, users need not download files or create/edit ringtones.

If you need ringtones for your iPhone, then try to use sound composer or ring tone converter for making unique ringtones, and personalize your iPhone.